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Abdelghani Laraoui

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No, I don't recommend this PI.

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  • : I understand how bad this PI is after reading your review. I am experiencing micro-managing from my supervisor as well, like calling 3-4 times a day to check my work and blaming me for not making any progress. I hope you will find a better place to continue your study/research/career. Good Luck!
  • : Hello. I can understand how annoying it is. I'd strongly recommend you to write a review about your advisor as well. This would help other to make a well thought decision in joing your advisor. My thought these days is if we have to meet certain requirements to get our PhD, then the person who is supervising us should also be up to a certain standard too. Should not be just some random obnoxious toxic crazy PhD holder.
  • : Agree!
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