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## Advisor Style & Mentorship I happened to know Yang Yang in ACTC2022. Though I am not his student or postdoc, I would say that he is a dream advisor based on the experience that I got along with him and his postdoc during the four-day conference. His way of getting along with his students and postdocs really impressed me, like my previous... Read More

Posted: Review #105

I'm not giving a 5/5 as I do not know a clear defination of a perfect PI, but from my experience till now (not graduated yet), Shyue Ping (SP) is a good PI in many perspectives. Instead of following the suggested subtitles, I would like to list the pros and cons. I will keep updating the review as time goes, and I will reply to questions if any.... Read More

Posted: Review #100

## Advisor Style & Mentorship Matt can be a very chill mentor if he thinks your research is going well, but if not, he's also very straightforward. ## Expectations for PhD Students He expects his PhD students to have an excellent writing ability, and he's experienced in terms of statistical analyses in R and using mixed-effect models. To be his... Read More

Posted: Review #83

## Advisor Style & Mentorship He has a very peculiar way to mentor people. He is super approcheable and human, but he can get extremely pushy and he is a bit of a two faces whiner. You can hear complaints about one lab member (even very gross comments), and just after you see the recipient of these comments having a normal conversation with him,... Read More

Posted: Review #95

## Advisor Style & Mentorship Chris is an excellent supervisor and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from him during my PhD. At the start of the PhD he was very welcoming and instilled a lot of enthusiasm in me. Throughout the PhD we would meet with me and my other supervisor at least once a week, and often grab lunch and coffee outside of that -... Read More

Posted: Review #90

## Advisor Style & Mentorship Dr. Jarrett expects a lot of results from highly UN-PRACTICAL hypothesis. MOST of his research ideas he provides to you are COMPLETELY USELESS to run experiments on because you know for sure it will LIKELY FAILED & WILL BE A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME to do that project he proposed. But sadly, Dr. Jarrett still DEMANDS... Read More

Posted: Review #89

## Advisor Style & Mentorship Excellent advisor with highest work ethics and moral standards. Sometimes he can be very scattered and literally flood you with information. He knows a ton about everything (math, physics, computer science and other disciplines) and probably does not realize that he should make some material more accessible to others... Read More

Posted: Review #72

## Advisor Style & Mentorship Very poor mentorship. Doesn't know how to mentor people. Let postdocs do experiments for students and doesn't like students doing "complicated " experiments and "wasting money and time". ## Expectations for PhD Students Expect students to do everything; doesn't like them taking classes; prefer students working in the... Read More

Posted: Review #98

## Advisor Style & Mentorship This PI treats Ph.D. student and postdoc (non-American) like shit. Here are just some "fun-facts": 1. Lured a Ph.D. student from China and then paid NOTHING for this student to work for this PI for two semesters! 2. Yelled to a Ph.D. student on the hallway for at least 30min for not giving him the experimental data he... Read More

Posted: Review #94

## Advisor Style & Mentorship • No room for discussions. Must follow his orders • If you want to discuss something that he is not interested, he won't be available. Otherwise he is available 24/7 • **Will throw temper and being sarcastic** • Meet more than four times a week in average (project, group meeting, papers, etc.) • **Every meeting is... Read More

Posted: Review #97