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Literally no mentorship during postdoc or PhD training. Before you get into his group, he shows nice face in the rotation. Once you get into his group, the first week he asks about your goal in the future. If you say you want to be a professor, he will delay your publication because you'll be under control. Same, if you say you want to get into... Read More

Posted: Review #22

Meeting Frequency: it depends on but averagely once a week. Do you consider the PI more of a ‘hands-on’ or ‘hands-off’ advisor? She is more like a hands-on advisor but the reason may be I am a rookie in research. Is the PI fairly accessible to you? Is the PI reachable and responsive to your questions? How long does it take for the PI to reply to... Read More

Posted: Review #26

He knows a lot about semiconductor devices, but he will always ask you to think it through yourself. What he believes he needs to do is to criticize your ideas and results and then ask you to think more about them. Sometimes he will give some good advice, sometimes not.He wants his students to be an engineer and have a big picture. And his... Read More

Posted: Review #21

Very kind and good professor. I like her and she cares for every student.Fair expectations, one-page google scholarA lot of Funding from company or govermentEmbedded and cyber-physical systems security and trustadaptive computing machine learning synthesis and customizationKind and helpful. Senior will help the new students a lot and very well. We... Read More

Posted: Review #17

Bevan is a very hands-off advisor. Do not expect him to ask for 1-to-1 meetings. To be successful, you must be assertive in asking for meetings to discuss your progress. From March 2020 to July 2021, this research group met 3 times on Zoom. Most communication during the pandemic was email.Bevan's expectation is that Ph.D. students must publish 3... Read More

Posted: Review #19

Extremely supportvie. Kind of hands-off in experiments but any idea can be discussed and properly advised. Responsive in writing. Variable but in general pretty high. Almost all previous Ph.D. students graduated with NS sub journals. All PhD students graduated in 5 years. Very competitive to get admitted into the group. Affluent in funding. Part... Read More

Posted: Review #30

Very detailed and professional.Very high, Ph.D. students can learn a lot.Very ample and a lot of types of equipment and facilities.In a lot of areas, such as antenna, MMIC, modeling, and energy harvesting.People have very good relationships and a very good lab atmosphere.Prof. Guo is a very handsome guy and easy to be with, it is very proud to be... Read More

Posted: Review #29

My PI's advisory style is so good. He is an excellent guide. We as students feel free to discuss any research-related problem with him and he guides and assists in every possible way. He always advises us to be fair in experiments. We had been funded by CSC (thanks to Chinese Government).Plant Biochemistry amd Molecular BiologyLab's environment is... Read More

Posted: Review #13

Met 1:1 weekly before COVID. Weekly online group meetings continue during the pandemic. Daily guidance by the PI. "Hand-on" advisor. Very accessible to students as there are only very few students in his group.Expect 3-4 first-author papers for graduation. Students take time off on weekends and are not pushed to work late. In my observation, it... Read More

Posted: Review #11

Kun gathers multiple researchers and interns to work on a same large project. He provides direct hands-on guidance as he designs the system architecture and persists the design principles throughout the project. Different from many senior researchers, Kun writes code by himself. The first paper I have published was Kun's flagship project of the... Read More

Posted: Review #16