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Literally no mentorship during postdoc or PhD training. Before you get into his group, he shows nice face in the rotation. Once you get into his group, the first week he asks about your goal in the future. If you say you want to be a professor, he will delay your publication because you'll be under control. Same, if you say you want to get into... Read More

Posted: Review #22

Very kind and good professor. I like her and she cares for every student.Fair expectations, one-page google scholarA lot of Funding from company or govermentEmbedded and cyber-physical systems security and trustadaptive computing machine learning synthesis and customizationKind and helpful. Senior will help the new students a lot and very well. We... Read More

Posted: Review #17

She's 'hands-on'. You can meet with her regularly. She knows a lot about viruses so you can ask your questions. She doesn't expect that you work on holidays or during the weekend. If you do your job, she's ok.She gives you opportunity to share often your work to conference. She has several collaborator from other university where you can go.The... Read More

Posted: Review #31

She works efficiently and diligently. She communicates with us frequently and nicely. She is willing to give lectures on all kinds of topics if we... Read More

Posted: Review #18

Sufficient............................... and... Read More

Posted: Review #28

Meets as project group every week. A project group is typically composed of a Ph.D. student (me) and one intern (undergraduate). Some projects have other Ph.D. students as collaborators. On the project weekly meeting, everyone reports progress with or without slides. The slides and written materials are required to be in English. If all people in... Read More

Posted: Review #14

Very detailed and professional.Very high, Ph.D. students can learn a lot.Very ample and a lot of types of equipment and facilities.In a lot of areas, such as antenna, MMIC, modeling, and energy harvesting.People have very good relationships and a very good lab atmosphere.Prof. Guo is a very handsome guy and easy to be with, it is very proud to be... Read More

Posted: Review #29

The PI meets 1:1 every week usually, but more often if a deadline is close. The discussions are very intellectually stimulating and helps improve the quality of research. The PI can be hands-off occasionally if some other professor is taking an active role in the research, but is very active otherwise in working with the student. The PI is very... Read More

Posted: Review #25

Bevan is a very hands-off advisor. Do not expect him to ask for 1-to-1 meetings. To be successful, you must be assertive in asking for meetings to discuss your progress. From March 2020 to July 2021, this research group met 3 times on Zoom. Most communication during the pandemic was email.Bevan's expectation is that Ph.D. students must publish 3... Read More

Posted: Review #19

He is a hands-off advisor, who gives ideas but does not help in actually executing it. He comes for meetings every Friday to discuss progress with each individual student, and usually that is the highest amount of contribution he gives. He also occasionally contributes to improving the writing in the papers. Other than that, the student has to... Read More

Posted: Review #27