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## Advisor Style & Mentorship This woman is the most manipulative, insane, lying, and selfish person I have ever met. AND shes not a good scientist or engineer. You'll only be abused by her and learn next to nothing but bad (and sometimes unethical ie. tuning experimental data to get desired results) research practices. When her lack of work... Read More

Posted: Review #117

The most mean monster I have ever met. She always has Fake smile in her face when recruiting students or new people in her lab, then suddenly turn to another ugly face after you are in. Very arrogant and rude with a huge reputation in all places she has stayed: Albany Medical College, where she got tenured, with rumors about academic fraud.... Read More

Posted: Review #106

## Advisor Style & Mentorship This PI treats Ph.D. student and postdoc (non-American) like shit. Here are just some "fun-facts": 1. Lured a Ph.D. student from China and then paid NOTHING for this student to work for this PI for two semesters! 2. Yelled to a Ph.D. student on the hallway for at least 30min for not giving him the experimental data he... Read More

Posted: Review #94

## Advisor Style & Mentorship Bad advisor and mentor. Doesn´t care for your development or for you gaining knowledge. Just wants to push his questionable reserch to support his companies. ## Expectations for PhD Students Don´t expect much. You can expect getting pressured to produce results supporting his hypotheses. If they don´t match he will... Read More

Posted: Review #109

Even though Prof. Delson is not a PI, I would like to share my experience working as TA/Reader for him. I worked with Prof. Delson in MAE 30A and MAE 30B for two quarters in 2021 (remote teaching). Overall, I enjoyed working with him. ## Workload I think the workload is not low, actual working hours every week are very close to the appointment... Read More

Posted: Review #108

## Advisor Style & Mentorship Julian is an excellent PhD supervisor. He provided a lot of help and guidance at the start of the PhD, and was then relatively hands off for the first year. This was quite challenging at times, and I found it very helpful when we started meeting weekly in my second year. During the pandemic we continued to meet weekly... Read More

Posted: Review #91

## Funding & Support Often have shortage in funding ## Research Doing great research and generating great ideas. But doesn't know how to realize them or how to publish papers in time. Do not have plans in working so push everything to deadline for every single time. It's been more than 7 years since he have had corresponding authored paper.... Read More

Posted: Review #99

## Advisor Style & Mentorship Chris is an excellent supervisor and I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from him during my PhD. At the start of the PhD he was very welcoming and instilled a lot of enthusiasm in me. Throughout the PhD we would meet with me and my other supervisor at least once a week, and often grab lunch and coffee outside of that -... Read More

Posted: Review #90

## Advisor Style & Mentorship Although conferred with the prestigious Magnolia Award in Shanghai, the people do not know what goes on inside the factory he runs! **Absolutely unfit to guide observational astronomers or computational modeling students**. The PI is a dictatorial boss, not a compassionate leader. Does not mentor directly but depends... Read More

Posted: Review #92

## Advisor Style & Mentorship Carrot and stick. That's what made working with him so frustrating. Working with him was like being in an abusive relationship. I would be getting great feedback, encouragement, promises of being able to drive the research with my ideas and input, funding, patents, etc. Then if Jaydev decided I wasn't working hard... Read More

Posted: Review #121