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## Advisor Style & Mentorship Mentorship is poor. The PI barely provides useful mentorship to his students. Meanwhile, he spends most of the time on something beneficial for himself. The students usually have no idea what the PI is doing all the time and have to do all things themself, which is so-called "independent researching". The PI is also... Read More

Posted: Review #42

## Advisor Style & Mentorship Far too involved but also not involved any way that is actually helpful. Expect text messages on the weekends at odd hours of the day and don't confuse it with enthusiasm. If you fail to hold up to his unreasonable standards, he quickly turns on you and has absolutely no problem with firing you. He exploits his... Read More

Posted: Review #69

## Advisor Style & Mentorship Selfish, pushy for Chinese students but nice to American students. He likes to monitor if you're working in office at weekends. He is ignorant, always pop up lots of bad ideas. ## Expectations for PhD Students He expects you to work hard everyday, takes less course and do more research. Publish more papers. ## Lab... Read More

Posted: Review #48

## Advisor Style & Mentorship As a teaching advisor, she is both very considerate and very organized. On the one hand, she cares about the TAs, their needs, situations, and developments. On the other hand, she is professional regarding class teaching, and cares about undergrad learning. ## Expectations for PhD Students I only had personal... Read More

Posted: Review #51

## Advisor Style & Mentorship She leaves you in the dark and will gaslight you when you are stuck on a problem. There is no mentorship, there is only abuse and mockery. She makes you question yourself and will even pit students against each other if it’s in her best interest. She doesn’t bring any technical experience to the table so you will only... Read More

Posted: Review #44

## Advisor Style & Mentorship 5 students left in one year. He seems to be "Hire and Fire" style. Push students to their limits and is very mean to his students. ## Research Toxic. Do not come. Check this page, he has done 90% of the listed items to the students.... Read More

Posted: Review #39

## Advisor Style & Mentorship Martin is boss. Always supportive regarding research and conference. ## Expectations for PhD Students High expectation on students and always have faith on your ability. ## Funding & Support He is good at getting funding and be supportive as much as he can. ## Research Friendly, supportive, grad students are good... Read More

Posted: Review #40

1, He always stealing and robbing others' credits even though he has absolutely zeroing contribution. 2, The number of students quitting him is greater than that of graduating from his group. 3, He always imposing "verbal abuse" on chinese students. 4, Double-standard to chinese students and American students. 5, He never feels shame on lying to... Read More

Posted: Review #54

## Expectations for PhD Students The expectations are high. And you will be pushed very hard. ## Funding & Support There is not enough funding to support new students. Students take TA or are supported by a... Read More

Posted: Review #50

## Advisor Style & Mentorship Excellent advisor with highest work ethics and moral standards. Sometimes he can be very scattered and literally flood you with information. He knows a ton about everything (math, physics, computer science and other disciplines) and probably does not realize that he should make some material more accessible to others... Read More

Posted: Review #72