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## Advisor Style & Mentorship Don't be confused, she does want to be a nice person, the problem is, she is just too incompetent........ does not know how to properly do research. Generally, her problem is the subpar level of administrative aptitute and scholarly prowess, or more straightforwardly, she simply does not know the subject. If you are... Read More

Posted: Review #209

## Advisor Style & Mentorship On this category, I rate him a 4/5. Dr. Eswara is a good advisor and will make time for his students upon request. He's a bit more "hands off" and allows students to choose their own path from a list of projects that fit in his lab, but also allows students to bring projects to him freely. His style works very well... Read More

Posted: Review #244

He's very approachable and very willing to communicate with PhD students. He has a very valuable trait: he's able to think from the perspective of PhD students. And he keeps exploring new ways to support PhD... Read More

Posted: Review #205

## Advisor Style & Mentorship When I was a student, there were around 7~8 students in total in his lab. Now it's around 10. AFAIK, there's no post-doc to help the PI supervise students. The PI meets each student in biweekly 1-1s and weekly lab meetings. His style is more hands-off, offering you a lot of flexibility in your studies. The bad aspect... Read More

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## Advisor Style & Mentorship Not a kind person. You will learn a lot but probably at a cost to your mental health. Reach out to past students (ask to speak over the phone or virtually rather than email) before joining this lab. ## Expectations for PhD Students Unknown ## Funding & Support Teaching Assistantships are most common in this department... Read More

Posted: Review #222

This freakin' snake will be reported for multiple cases of **data fabrication** for publication, funding application **fraud**, grant misuse, chemical material **counterfeiting** and passively aggressively verbal... Read More

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## Advisor Style & Mentorship ## Expectations for PhD Students ## Funding & Support ## Research ## Lab... Read More

Posted: Review #236

He only recruits people who are lacking knowledge in this area. So he can manipulate and insult them for his own good. BE AWARE if are a regular student who tries to learn something from this lab. You'll likely withdraw empty-handed. Tbh only the 1st-gen minorities can survive... Read More

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I was a postdoc in his lab for 5 years. ## Advisor Style & Mentorship There was no mentorship at all. He is from Tim Mitchison's lab, but I am not sure if Tim is like that as well. Firstly, he expects his students and postdocs will go to him and talk about science all the time. But as a postdoc/student, very soon you will find him being a... Read More

Posted: Review #216