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Do not work for her. Please. I have watched her destroy perfect above-and-beyond wonderful brilliant students. She is so so so... Read More

Posted: Review #380

## Advisor Style & Mentorship This advisor has a tough reputation of being picky, arrogant and rude. Two students quit in two years. Her students do land impressive placements. Be prepared to work hard – some students publish groundbreaking papers, while others struggle to get anything published. ## Expectations for PhD Students This advisor... Read More

Posted: Review #399

1. Absolutely terrible mentor, no supervision at all, wont respond to message/email for weeks on. 2. Expect PhD student to work over time and openly against taking holidays even on Christmas 3. No funding provided. 4. Toxic lab culture, everyone is depressed and worried about graduation, generally graduate in 5-6 years and often received terrible... Read More

Posted: Review #416

tl;dr please contact all the previous students if you're considering working in this lab, you deserve to have the foreknowledge of what you're in for. I won't post details online for obvious reasons but please no matter what lab you want to work in, email the students who are already gone and have nothing to lose by telling you the truth. ##... Read More

Posted: Review #415

## Advisor Style & Mentorship ## Expectations for PhD Students ## Funding & Support ## Research ## Lab Culture The lab has strange vibes, not very welcoming or cohesive. People don't remember the names of students. One rotation student left the PhD programme partly because of their experience in this... Read More

Posted: Review #448

## Personal Integrity REALLY BAD! He is despicable. For more info, you can refer to But I'll give a brief intro here. ### Deceptive Between 2013 ~ 2019, he was simultaneously holding positions in SFU in Canada and Indiana University in US. During this period, he almost... Read More

Posted: Review #417

## Advisor Style & Mentorship Meetings as needed, depending on the student. More hands-off but always interested and engaged in the student's projects. Usually replies to emails on the same day. ## Expectations for PhD Students Graduation takes the expected length of UK PhDs. Late work is definitely not expected, work hours are really flexible as... Read More

Posted: Review #447

## Advisor Style & Mentorship She lacks the foundational knowledge in math, physics, and even chemistry that one would expect from a high school student. Her sole purpose seems to be stirring up conflict among people, a behavior she continues even after you graduate. Look at the comments by undergraduate students:... Read More

Posted: Review #382

## Advisor Style & Mentorship From my experience with different supervisors (four in total), he is the top supervisor for no doubt in the lowest moral category. Lucky that he works in academia with tenure, if not maybe the society has casted him away. Unless, he can become a mafia boss, where his skills can be put to use. He treats students in a... Read More

Posted: Review #455

The real cost of PhD here is too steep for an average person to afford. While the loss of long term mental and physical health is hard to quantify right now, the loss of unearned money is quite steep where you would be devoting 7-10 years with an advisor who doesnt know much about the field (Physics-wise, very savvy at academic politics though).... Read More

Posted: Review #421