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## Personal Integrity REALLY BAD! He is despicable. For more info, you can refer to But I'll give a brief intro here. ### Deceptive Between 2013 ~ 2019, he was simultaneously holding positions in SFU in Canada and Indiana University in US. During this period, he almost... Read More

Posted: Review #417

## Advisor Style & Mentorship This advisor has a tough reputation of being picky, arrogant and rude. Two students quit in two years. Her students do land impressive placements. Be prepared to work hard – some students publish groundbreaking papers, while others struggle to get anything published. ## Expectations for PhD Students This advisor... Read More

Posted: Review #399

## Advisor Style & Mentorship Hank's students are free, and he is open to: * give initial ideas of a brand new project that is in Hank's mind * break the goal into several pieces to conquer respectively * share paper that are highly related to the project * directly debug the code together with students (Hank is an awesome MATLAB coder) ##... Read More

Posted: Review #383

## Advisor Style & Mentorship - Friendly and accessible. Has a very down-to-earth personality and is easy to talk to. We usually have group meetings every week but he is always available if you need one-on-one discussion. - Flexible. He does not really go to the lab to check on students so students are free to make their own working arrangements... Read More

Posted: Review #438

tl;dr please contact all the previous students if you're considering working in this lab, you deserve to have the foreknowledge of what you're in for. I won't post details online for obvious reasons but please no matter what lab you want to work in, email the students who are already gone and have nothing to lose by telling you the truth. ##... Read More

Posted: Review #415

#### Advisor Style & Mentorship Professor Su possesses exceptional academic expertise and maintains high standards of academic and professional ethics. He is very patient when guiding students in their research, listening attentively to their questions and ideas. Instead of simply providing answers, he encourages students to think independently... Read More

Posted: Review #437

Here to discuss some personal matter. This professor sent my ex an inappropriate email asking her out. Absolutly discusting professor who is unprofessional and unethical. Do not believe he deserves to be a human after what he did. Have heard multiple allegations of him sleeping with his students and i believe it, since his roomate who is also a... Read More

Posted: Review #381

Do not work for her. Please. I have watched her destroy perfect above-and-beyond wonderful brilliant students. She is so so so... Read More

Posted: Review #380

## Advisor Style & Mentorship Very mean and has two faces. Fake smile outside and ugly face in the school. Make sudents and postdocs to cry with personal attack for many times. ## Research Consider herself as a Nature author but can only reach Nature commun... ## Lab Culture Toxic. Never go to her lab, otherwise your life will be miserable and... Read More

Posted: Review #398