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PI Review (“we”, “us” or “our website”) is a nonprofit website for graduate students to write reviews about their academic advisors.

Using the Website

General Rules

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License of Content

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Privacy Policy

This section explains what types of information we receive from you, how we get them and how we use them.

The information we collect

Access Log: When you visit our website, we receive some information about your device, such as IP address, user-agent and other information in HTTP headers. We record some of this information for audit purposes.

Registration & Account Information: An account is not required to read user reviews on our website. However, you have to register an account to contribute reviews and edit information on our website. When you register an account on our website, we ask for your university name, your academic email address under your university’s domain, a username and a password. Account information is stored on our web server and is not shared with any third parties. The password is stored in hashed form.

Sharing your personal data

We do not knowingly share your personal information with any third parties.

Erasing your personal data

You may contact us via email and request that we remove your account and reviews associated with it.


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