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He's very approachable and very willing to communicate with PhD students. He has a very valuable trait: he's able to think from the perspective of PhD students. And he keeps exploring new ways to support PhD... Read More

Posted: Review #205

He exploits international... Read More

Posted: Review #177

Good thing: He gives his PhD students the chance to apply for research grants together with him when they are in their final two years. Bad thing: Arrogant and controlling. He wants his students to 100% follow his instructions. He doesn't really listen to what students have got to say. He pretends he's listening, but actually he doesn't care what... Read More

Posted: Review #174

This one would be a bad choice for any prospective PhD students. Jutta Weldes is very fake. She appears to be nice, but if you know what she has done to students at this university, you'll never be able to trust her. This university sucks enough when it comes to student experience and student rights, and Jutta Weldes has been one of the people who... Read More

Posted: Review #175

## Advisor Style & Mentorship Pompous. He likes to insist that he's the 'boss' in front of students/postdocs. ## Expectations for PhD Students No specific expectations. ## Funding & Support Doesn't have much funding. Professors share research grants with him. ## Research Too reliant on his PhD supervisor. He's been a PI for several years, but he... Read More

Posted: Review #195

He's been unpopular amongst PGR students. He pretends to be approachable and willing to listen to students, but it turns out he couldn't care less about students' struggles. He is never able to think from a student's perspective. Whenever a student expects him to help resolve a complicated issue, he tries to procrastinate as much as he can and... Read More

Posted: Review #201

This professor is very focused on his research, and he also expects his PhD students/postdocs to be very focused on their research. If you want to talk about any other things about the academic life, he's uninterested and avoids talking about it. If you don't care about things other than research, such as mental health, equality, future careers,... Read More

Posted: Review #196

Her research is a cross between biology, chemistry, and physics. She has lots of collaborations with academics in chemistry. She's a new PI in Bristol. She moved to Bristol in 2020. Although she's new here, she has been trying hard to learn about things going on here and to establish a strong social network. If you like collaborations and expects... Read More

Posted: Review #204

He can be defined as a slave driver in academia. He doesn't want PhD students to spend time learning or doing anything related to professional growth. He just wants the students to work in the lab like a data pump. He tries anything he can to prevent you from spending your time doing the things he doesn't want you to do. In terms of doing research... Read More

Posted: Review #199