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Shyue Ping Ong

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  • University: University of California, San Diego
  • Department: Nanoengineering
  • Website: https://materialsvirtuallab.org/


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Advisor Style & Mentorship

I never had a chance to meet with this PI 1:1 during the three months trial period. Daily guidance by senior students or post-doc. The PI is not very accessible, as he doesn't live in San Diego. Once it took the PI two weeks to reply to my very important emails. (I followed up several times) I think the communication between the PI and me was not very ideal.

Expectations for PhD Students

I think the PI has very high expectations for his PhD students. You really need to work very hard in this group. You also need to have a very strong heart to stay in this lab. Sometimes, you will get pretty harsh feedback from the PI. Also, you may feel you are very trivial in front of him.

Funding & Support

This group has very sufficient funding (and they are hiring now), but it doesn't mean the support for PhD students is very good. Some PhD students have to work as a TA for a whole year before they get the GSR funding support. I don't think the PI is very supportive of other aspects of students' lives.


Research is very good and promising. The PI is an expert in this field (founding developer of pymatgen).

Lab Culture

People dropped out this group because they didn't meet the PI's expectations, or because they didn't get the funding support.

Additional Information

Check out their group website guide: https://guide.materialsvirtuallab.org/. There are lots of useful information about this group. The PI wrote everything in a very detailed manner. I think he did a great job in documenting and organizing.

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