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Kesong Yang

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  • University: University of California, San Diego
  • Department: Nanoengineering
  • Website: http://materials.ucsd.edu


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Advisor Style & Mentorship

Met 1:1 weekly before COVID. Weekly online group meetings continue during the pandemic. Daily guidance by the PI. "Hand-on" advisor. Very accessible to students as there are only very few students in his group.

Expectations for PhD Students

Expect 3-4 first-author papers for graduation. Students take time off on weekends and are not pushed to work late. In my observation, it takes about 4 years for PhD students to graduate.

Funding & Support

PhD students usually have the department fellowship in the first year. After that, funding support is very unstable. Usually you are expected to find a TA position on your own. The PI doesn’t help you find TA unless he teaches class during that quarter. Oftentimes, PhD students in this group receive only half of the normal TA/RA stipend. Students are rarely sent to conferences or visit other institutions.


Does the PI tend to give students projects or have them select their own? PI gives projects to students. Does the PI assign authorship appropriately and honestly to credit contributions of members when publishing papers? Yes.

Lab Culture

There is no lab rotation in the NanoE department.

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