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Xinyu Zhang

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  • University: University of California, San Diego
  • Department: Electrical And Computer Engineering
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Advisor Style & Mentorship

There are weekly project meetings and 1:1 for PhDs. Mostly accessible during his working hour.

Expectations for PhD Students

Has high expectations for his PhD students. Expects students (including 1st-year PhDs) to read plenty of papers and work hard to produce high-standard papers. Be ready for harsh words and even getting fired if you don't meet his expectations. Working extra hours isn't explicitly required but if you want to survive you'll have to do more... If you do survive the first year without being overwhelmed or fired, then I'm pretty confident you are outstanding enough to graduate on time and with some decent academic works.

Funding & Support

Funding is abundant to support PhD student.


Very good research. Everything the group publishes has to be top-tier.

Lab Culture

Guys are good and (generally) social active in this group. As for the drop-out rate, if you can't meet his expectations, you get fired.

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