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Baris Kasikci

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  • University: University of Michigan
  • Department: Computer Science & Engineering
  • Website: https://web.eecs.umich.edu/~barisk/


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Advisor Style & Mentorship

Weekly 1:1 meeting. No daily guidance but he normally drops by students' office 2~3 times a week. Mostly "hands-on". He will discuss about details of project progress on a regular basis and help you improve/iterate on papers. Easily accessible and mostly responsive (unless busy). Our lab normally use instant messaging, where he replies within a few hours.

Expectations for PhD Students

No clearly defined bar in terms of number of papers to graduate. I would expect 3. Do not expect students to work late or on weekends. Before deadlines, students are expected to put as much time as possible to polish their papers (for their own sake). As a new professor, there is no enough samples available (as of 2021). My rough expectation would be 5 years on average.

Funding & Support

I am financially supported by the PI. I haven't worried about the funding. Students are encouraged to attend conferences. He will help you apply for student grant whenever possible. Due to COVID, conferences go online and registration fees are cheaper than before, so there is no enough samples recently. Before COVID, he will take students to conferences when they have accepted papers. Besides that, our lab was also all sent to Canada to attend a top-tier conference. The PI is also supportive in other aspects. Students are encouraged to reach out to him and discuss non-research difficulties they may have in life.


Our lab works on variety of research topics and papers have been published on top conferences in each field (security, systems, architecture, etc.) I find the research fields in the lab are promising. The PI is in his early stage of the career so he may not be an expert in all those fields, but the PI is definitely a rising star. So far, my research topics change frequently (each project is a different topic), but that is mainly because I personally have not decided a specific topic to dedicate myself to. In general, the PI tend to let students select/explore their own projects. I have enough freedom that I worry more about what to work on next and spontaneously seek his guidance. Q: Does the PI assign authorship appropriately and honestly to credit contributions of members when publishing papers? A: Yes

Lab Culture

The lab environment is harmonious and supportive. Most of the papers the lab has published are collaborated by multiple members. Before COVID, it is common to see students chatting in the office or dine out together. During COVID, we have a weekly social hour where you can meet other people and talk any random stuff. No students have dropped out of the lab (2018~2021). There is no rotation policy in the department. But there are students from other lab joined ours. Summer industry intern is usually acceptable and encouraged. In fact most students will do intern in the summer. The PI also helped students to find a matching internship.

Additional Information

The academia accomplishment the PI achieved (in terms of publications, funding, rewards, etc.) as a pre-tenure assistant professor is astonishing. I feel lucky to work with the PI and all fellow lab mates.

Yes, I recommend this PI.

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