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Bevan Baas

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  • University: University of California, Davis
  • Department: Elec & Comp Engr
  • Website: http://vcl.ece.ucdavis.edu


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Advisor Style & Mentorship

Bevan is a very hands-off advisor. Do not expect him to ask for 1-to-1 meetings. To be successful, you must be assertive in asking for meetings to discuss your progress. From March 2020 to July 2021, this research group met 3 times on Zoom. Most communication during the pandemic was email.

Expectations for PhD Students

Bevan's expectation is that Ph.D. students must publish 3 first-author journal papers to graduate, preferably in top-tier journals. Most of his students finish 1 or 2 journal papers after 7-8 years.

Funding & Support

You will receive little to no financial support. If you are a Ph.D. student, you will be doing TAs nearly every quarter. During summer, you need to find an internship or be self-funded. Even if Bevan makes a signed commitment to fund a student, he has had a problem with retracting the funding and asking the student to TA instead. Travelling to conferences is discouraged unless the student can get a grant to cover the cost.


Research is generally out of date. There is little awareness of industry trends or collaboration with other research groups. If you do not have strong feelings about selecting a project, Bevan will assign you one. However, once he assigns a project, he requires you to succeed, regardless of how realistic the objective is. When papers are published, all authors receive proper credit.

Lab Culture

Students in this lab are very friendly. Inside the lab, most students are assigned unrelated projects, so you will be working mostly independently. Outside the lab, it is not unusual to go for dinners or drinks together.

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