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Peter Gerstoft

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Advisor Style & Mentorship

He did not schedule any meeting for you, and you have to contact him to schedule a meeting. Accessible on weekdays and online. Hands-off advisor. Respond timely via email or slack. Do not expect too much help from him. Almost zero mentorships.

Expectations for PhD Students

At least 3 journal publications are required for graduation. The last paper can just submit (no need for acceptance). The typical graduation time is 5-6 years.

Funding & Support

Not too much financial support.


No promising research project. He is not familiar with the field. You can choose your own project but it is best to avoid the project he gave. His comment is typically not very helpful for your research but you have to do so to make him happy. He will ask you to do many trivial changes (including citing a lot of his own papers) and that significantly delays your progress. His English is also poor and he does not know how to write a sentence that makes sense. After his revision, your paper will potentially become much worse. Most of his papers are cited by himself or his co-authors as you would expect him to force you to cite his papers. His papers are trivial and avoid him at all costs if you want to go to academia.

No, I don't recommend this PI.

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