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Himanshu Gupta

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  • University: Stony Brook University
  • Department: Computer Science
  • Website: https://www3.cs.stonybrook.edu/~hgupta/


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Advisor Style & Mentorship

His mentorship has absolutely no predictability. When he is very interested in a project, he will contact very often, usually more than twice a day. When he is not interested, he will not say anything, but can disappear for days without any response to queries. But when he is really interested, he is a very hands-on advisor who carefully controls every step of the project.

Expectations for PhD Students

His students themselves have no idea how many papers they need to publish to graduate or what is the criteria. But nobody has recently graduated from his lab in less than 7 years. He not only expects students to work late or on weekends, but usually becomes active in discussions ONLY after 9pm or over the weekend.

Funding & Support

As expected in the department, funding is almost always available.


The research field is very promising. However, the PI does not have an in-depth knowledge of the field, but depends on other experts. The PI has deep knowledge of basic computer science, which is simply not enough to keep doing great research at this level. The PI tends to give students projects, but the projects keep changing randomly, making it impossible for a student to become a top-notch expert on the topics. There is very little freedom in selecting their own projects. Authorship is extremely complicated and the PI even has a history of getting into disputes about authorship sequence with graduate students. There are no discussions about authorship sequence, but the entire issue is decided completely by the PI based on his own intuition, where he invariably places his name earlier than deserved.

Lab Culture

This is the best part of this PI -- he is part of a lab coordinated by probably two of the best faculty at the department. The lab is an excellent place to work in, with very detailed and in-depth discussions on research.

Additional Information

None of this PI's graduated students have gone to good academic institutions after graduating. They usually end up going to top-notch companies, mostly for coding jobs.

No, I don't recommend this PI.

Helpful? Review #23

This reviewer though being anonymous, I can easily guess is Arani. Himanshu is actually not Arani's advisor (so Himanshu don't need to protect him or be nice to him). And Arani has personal issues with Himanshu, therefore not surprised giving a one star review. Himanshu is my real advisor and I am fortunate to have him as my advisor. He may not be a perfect 5 star professor, but he is a very talented person and deserve at least 4 star.

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