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Aruna Balasubramanian

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  • University: Stony Brook University
  • Department: Computer Science
  • Website: https://www3.cs.stonybrook.edu/~arunab/


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Advisor Style & Mentorship

The PI meets 1:1 every week usually, but more often if a deadline is close. The discussions are very intellectually stimulating and helps improve the quality of research. The PI can be hands-off occasionally if some other professor is taking an active role in the research, but is very active otherwise in working with the student. The PI is very responsive to student's requests and tries her best to help resolve their queries. She is responsive to even students who are not part of her lab when they come with any query. However, the PI is very strict about students following her instructions at work. Anybody who does not follow her instructions can quickly get into conflicts.

Expectations for PhD Students

The PI expects a total of three papers in top venues. The PI will rarely tolerate submission to less than the best venues for her own students. The PI never insists on students working over the weekends or late nights, and in fact encourages them to avoid working over the weekends. This can change close to the deadlines, but the PI then gives plenty of time off to the students. The graduation time is usually 5.5 to 6 years, which is close to the department average. However, there is very little for students to decide when they want to graduate, as the PI dictates the time when they are ready. Occasionally students have insisted on graduating earlier than usual, and while the PI has acquiesced to such requests, she has done it with a lot of resentment.

Funding & Support

Funding is mostly available, with only occasionally it becoming a problem for a few students.


The PI's research field is very promising, and the PI has published a lot of high-impact work through her career. Her knowledge of the topic is thorough and detailed, sufficient to publish in the topmost places. The PI tends to give students projects, but the students are then free to let the projects evolve in a direction that they find interesting. Although there have been some minor issues related to authorship among the students, in general the PI does not care about her own authorship position and is happy to let students work with Masters students and include them as co-authors.

Lab Culture

The PI is very active in encouraging the lab members to interact with one another and tries to know each student personally. Students have never dropped out of the lab so far. Summer internships are encouraged, and the PI even uses her own contacts to get her students hired for internship and jobs in industry.

Additional Information

Overall, working with the PI is a pleasant experience, provided the student knows how to avoid or does not mind the few lingering issues.

Yes, I recommend this PI.

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