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Klaus Mueller

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  • University: Stony Brook University
  • Department: Computer Science
  • Website: https://www3.cs.stonybrook.edu/~mueller/


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Advisor Style & Mentorship

He is a hands-off advisor, who gives ideas but does not help in actually executing it. He comes for meetings every Friday to discuss progress with each individual student, and usually that is the highest amount of contribution he gives. He also occasionally contributes to improving the writing in the papers. Other than that, the student has to negotiate a lot and talk to him proactively to make him contribute more.

Expectations for PhD Students

His expectation is very simple -- three papers in a specific list of conferences and journals. Because of his hands-off style, students can take any amount of time from 5 years to 9 years to graduate, where 6 years is the department average. He does not care much about deadlines, and it is up to the student how much they want to work. However, the student has to raise the issue of graduation on time proactively for him to care about him. There have been instances where a very productive student did not raise the issue of graduation, and ended up spending 8 years.

Funding & Support

Apart from providing funding, the PI mostly does not care much about other problems of students.


The research field is somewhat promising, and the PI's knowledge is also good. However, the PI does not have a very strong base in the foundations of the basic subjects, which can make it sometimes challenging to explain the problems faced. He also has a strong reluctance to get the help of other knowledgeable professors or even other students. Authorship is always assigned properly, since the absence of outside collaborations reduces the scope of any authorship conflicts.

Lab Culture

Students almost never drop out of lab, since the work is not very heavily demanding. It is easily possible to become complacent, and end up not doing anything for the first few years. Other than that, lab culture is peaceful, though people usually tend to work in their silos without too much of interaction or discussion about their own research.

Additional Information

Very few of the PI's PhD students have gone to academia after graduating. If you aim to go to academia, then it is better to find other PI's. On the other hand, if your aim is to get a job visa in the US without too much of stress and hard work, this is a wonderful place to be.

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